Kato's Side of the Story!

I started out as a puppy...as we all do. I remember when my boy came to get me, all smiles, and hugging me as I licked his face furiously. I was excited, and the attention was overwhelming. I didn’t understand when we got in the big box that I would be leaving, but it didn’t matter… I had a boy to love!

Oh, he would play with me. I loved to play hard and forever. Ball was one of my favorites, still is but; I’m a little slower now. We would play for hours : he would throw- I would chase. It was great; then, he would have to do something. No worries, I could still play. I carried my toy with me wherever I went. It was long and white and attached to my body. I could chase it all day and never catch it - great fun. 

Sometimes I would lose focus on the world. It would just disappear, and I would stare at nothing for hours on end. I think they called that fixating. Me, I just called it resting. Soon someone would come and startle me, and I would start playing again. 

There were always people, mostly kids, around me. I loved them all and would go from one playgroup to another. I loved them; They loved me. Life was sweet and oh so much fun. I had a great puppyhood.

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