Kato's Side of The Story. Part 6

Bad things happen when you do something you know is wrong…. 

Life for me is great. I have so many friends who love me and love to play with me. Everyday is a party. I love it!!

I am always playing with my kids- which always involves treats. I have grown. So, I am not the crazy, hyper dog I was before. That is not to say that I am calm- I can just control my impulses a little better. I guess that’s what growing up is all about. I am quite handsome too- if I do say so myself. I still do not take kindly to other dogs coming to my house, and I have never seen another dog like me. I am unique, one of a kind, special. 

I guess that is why everyone loves me and wants to be around me and have their picture taken with me. Everyone wants me to be theirs. I love the attention and that seems to be what always gets me in trouble. 

Once again I am getting treats from kids - from their box (their car). I am lured in. I just can’t resist the food. The door closes, and I am off on another adventure. I should have known better!

I hoped for a short ride; but no, I was transported again to a new house. Here I was on another strange vacation, and wanting to go home as soon as I arrived. 

Of course I was treated like the king that I was, and I enjoyed the special time and the extra food. Soon enough I was ready to leave and go home. I was not as anxious as last time, just insistent- take me home! I was not my joyful self. I got a little snarly and snappy. I just wanted home. 

A Couple of days went by, and I finally got my message across. I was no longer fun to play with or happy- go- lucky. I was definitely more work than fun. 

That night I was finally returned and locked inside a room that we used for gathering and events. I knew I was home. Someone just had to let me out of this room. I barked and barked till I was hoarse. It took forever; but finally, someone came! I was so happy to be back with my friends, especially my boy who was just as excited to see me. I knew he missed me. He was so worried and so relieved that I was home!

...That was the second time that I was stolen. 

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