Kato's Side Part 4

While play is always best, some work must be done.... 

Now, you know I am a farm dog and with that comes great responsibility and a lot of boring routine. Well, not really boring- I can make anything exciting. 

Everyday the routine is the same. At 7 AM we go out and feed 100 horses. That is a lot, I know; but they all have to eat. To that end my humans use a machine they call a gator. I don’t know why. It has two seats and a large box in the back. It is one of my favorite toys. 

They put feed in the box and a human drives. I always get in the other seat. I have never figured out why the other human would walk. I would not mind sharing. I am quite proud of my seat. I sit straight and tall and view my kingdom as it passes by. No one can leave me behind. 

Feeding in the morning takes forever and gets quite boring. I like to jump down and help- herding the horses to get them into their correct stalls. I am very good at that job- it is sort of my specialty. I go into the pen and round them up nipping at their heels. Sometimes I grab their tails and go for a spin. I don’t understand why they yell at me. I am just being helpful, and all the horses go right to their stalls. I know they would not do that without my good help. 

As we move from barn to barn, I help differently. Sometimes I like to get in the driver’s seat. Sometimes the driver is there too. We share. I like to put my paws on the wheel. I know I could drive it if they would just let me. Another thing I like to do is get in the back and help with the feed. Yum yum. It tastes delicious. Again, I don’t know why they yell at me for making sure the food is good to eat. A dog’s stomach is stronger than a horse’s. I won’t want one of them to get sick. 

Then, of course, when we are done with the grain, we have to get hay- another feed for horses. I love getting hay. The humans stack it on the gator. I climb in and help. I love to climb to the top of the stack. I know you won’t believe this, but I get yelled at for that too. I don’t understand why they just don’t let me have fun. 

It takes a few hours to feed the horses. They get fed twice a day. After they are grained and hayed, it is break time! My favorite! After all that gator work and horse wrangling, I am tired and need a nap. We go back to the house, and I curl up in my favorite chair for a quick nap dreaming of my next adventure.


See ya soon!

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