Kato's Side... The Adventure Continues!

Work hard-Play hard that’s my motto. Wait ! I really should amend that. Play hard-Play harder. That’s better!


Now, when it comes to playing, everyone knows that I can be the ultimate party animal. I will play with anyone. Where I lived there were lots of animals- horses, cats, dogs, chickens, rabbits, and even a tortoise. 

When I was a small puppy, I was introduced to this very hard, round creature. I thought it was a rock. My boy delighted in putting me on it to sit. It was a little bumpy. One day I was totally startled when it began to move! I jumped off so fast and began barking. 

Everyone was laughing, especially my boy. I did not think that it was particularly funny. A rock that moved- I was scared. 

It turned out that it was not a rock but a tortoise- a big, big, big tortoise. It was bigger than I and weighed more than I. It was a scary monster. It put its head out and stared at me and started walking towards me. It was going to eat me. I knew it! 

We stared at each other for a long time. Then, I barked! She dropped and went as far into her shell as she could. Once again she came out and stared. I barked! She dropped! It would happen again and again. It was a great game. Finally, she got tired of retreating and started moving- the game was on!

The tortoise was great fun. She could speed walk around her pen. I would spend hours making her go faster or slower or go in circles left and right. It was one of my favorite games. She was always available for a good play session. All I had to do was jump over the fence and start barking and, of course, wagging my tail. 

She would give me that look- oh, you again. Then we would begin, slow, fast, right, left. I would never tire of the game. She would though. Eventually, she would retreat to her house. I could never figure out how to squeeze my body into the house and get her out. Once she would go in, the game would be over. 

I would jump back over the fence; the game ended. It was time to find a new game somewhere else. Most of the time I would get scolded for playing with the tortoise, but I knew that she loved the game as much as I did. 

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