Kato's Story Part 5

Little Girls- can’t live with them- can’t live without them!....

Where I live is full of horses, and with horses come little girls. Now, I love kids, all kids, especially my boy. But those little girls are everywhere. They flutter here and there. Most seem to stay for the whole day; and so, they get bored. When they get bored it seems that I am the biggest way to relieve boredom. What those girls can do to me… It is embarrassing. 

One time they decided to put long, pink bunny ears on me. Now come on, I'm a dog of high pedigree, from a long line of top show dogs, do we really think I look good in pink bunny ears? long, pink bunny ears?! Of course, they could not just put them on and take them off. Oh no! They had to have me run around and do tricks and sit up like a rabbit. Then, they had to take pictures of the spectacle. Luckily, there were treats involved; so, it was not much of a hardship. 

They seem to think I look best in pink. Pink sweaters, pink skirts, pink boas. That is then all topped off with a rainbow tutu. I mean really. The things I go through. Then, they take pictures and videos. I am sure they have been on the internet. It is truly embarrassing. 

That was not the worst. One day they were particularly bored. What with me being the go to. Let me say. We have a 4-h club that would put on plays. To that end we have an extensive array of costumes. I should know. The dressing up and pink sessions seem to be endless; but once they got into the costume container, I was doomed. 

Each child tried to outdo the other and come up with outlandish ideas. Of course I was made to be the bright, pink pig. With a pink snoot. I did not like that much. I was a long maned lion. At least that was manly. The black and white spotted cow was not too bad. It seemed there were so many animals. It was not too bad until they found the princess costumes. All those frills and bows, it was too much. I would take it all in stride. I know I love them, and they love me. 

Once I’ve been dressed up and gotten lots of hugs and treats- I do love my treats, it’s time for a nap. Those children are exhausting. They gather around me and make cooing noises and hug me around my neck. My tail beats a tattoo as I am so thrilled with all the attention. I love my girls and will do anything for them. They are almost as good as my boy. 

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