Kato’s Story

Kato came from humble beginnings…. Wait!  That’s not how this story starts. That’s not true at all.

Kato’s breeder was an internationally known standard poodle breeder who had bred and shown poodles all over the world. She even wrote a book on poodles. She wanted more color in her life and decided she would go into Bull Terriers. 


She searched for the best European Bull Terrier lines. Kato was bred to be a show dog! 

He was a pampered pup. He was bathed and covered in baby lotion every day to keep him clean and his skin soft. He was pampered and cuddled as all good show dogs should be. Never was he allowed to get dirty. 

Life soon changed for the small puppy. Kato was purchased to be a companion and best friend. There was never a thought of showing him. He was to run free and get as dirty as farm life would allow. Yep, Kato became a farm dog. 

The hyper-active puppy loved his daily routine of running around the farm chasing anything that would run. He, also, loved the dirt and mud. He strived every day to be as dirty as possible. Pigpen was his second name. Life was exciting and wonderful. 

Kato loved all his friends, adults and kids. He was a quirky, goofy, happy dog and was never far from the action; and on a farm there was always action. He followed people around begging for a toy to be thrown or food to eat. He was up for anything and loved long trail rides with the horses. As long as there was action, Kato was there. 

One thing Kato loved more than anything else was his boy. He was ecstatic when they played together whether chasing a stick or hunting groundhogs. As long as they were together, life was good. Life, according to Kato, was perfect.

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