Kato's Side Continued!

When you are as cute as I am, the world is fraught with problems (or adventures). 


The best part of my life is making friends. NO!....

WAIT!... Maybe the best part of my life is food- I love my food and snacks that people bring me- or Wait- maybe it is sleeping in my chair! It is sooo hard to choose. I love so many things. I have decided. It is playing with friends. I love to play with everyone. I have so many friends to play with. 

One day I had an adventure. I was playing with someone. My boy was off working, so I had to find my own entertainment. I snuck away. We were playing hard, and she had to get in her box. I jumped in with her to get the treat she was feeding me. It was good. She kept feeding me and hugging me. 

Suddenly, the box started moving; but I was busy being hugged and eating. It stopped at a new play location. We went inside, and I got to explore a whole new play place. I ran from room to room so excited with the new smells and toys. My new friend fussed over me, and we played all afternoon. 

I had a great time. My friend got tired of playing, and I was ready to go home and see my boy. I felt sad and fixated on a corner. Then, I got anxious and chased my tail round and round and round. I looked all over for my boy. I wanted to go home!

I was inconsolable. I ran around and chased anything and everything. I ate the furniture. I ripped the toys. I went after anything that moved. Take me home!

Then, a storm came. Where was my boy! I ran around. I ran in circles. The storm was bad, dark with lots of loud thunder and bright lightning. I wanted my boy and my chair. I barked and barked and ran and ran. 

In the middle of the night the person finally got up and came to me. They put me in the box and drove into the storm. I was scared. The storm raged all around me as we drove-thunder and lightning everywhere. They opened the door and I dove out of the box. Home, finally, I ran to the porch and barked my head off. “ Wake Up! It’s me!” 

It only took a minute before the door opened, and I was engulfed in love from my boy and his family. I had never been so happy. Home!

That was the first time that I was stolen. 

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