Kato's Story Part 7

Fun is what you make it. 

Hello Again loyal readers!

Sorry about the lapse in storytelling. I have been busy with yard work and herding children. It is exhausting at my age to keep track of the children and keep the yard safe from predators. 

Now, where was I?... Oh yes. The horses. Those kids love to trail ride. Of course, I have to go along for safety- and fun. The horses go trail riding a lot with their humans. I love to go along. I run in the woods and scare out the deer and the turkey- I have almost caught a few. It is great fun to bound through the fields and look for rabbits and let’s not forget the groundhogs. I love catching them. My humans actually praise me for that. I will never understand them. Most of the time they are yelling at me for chasing things, not groundhogs. I really don’t know why, but I think it has something to do with the holes. Sometimes my boy and I even go on ground hog hunts. Those are great! We sneak up on the ground hog and bam! I’ve got him. I am very quick and deadly. My boy praises me for that. 

Fox- now that is a different story. For some reason the foxes get sick. I love to catch foxes; but every time I do, I have to go to the vets for another shot. Rabies, I think. They hurt, but I get hotdogs for treats. It’s okay. 

I’m not a saint. I live to chase anything that moves. I love living life and enjoying it to its fullest. I do a lot of things wrong, according to the humans. I get yelled at a lot because I chase things and am quick and accurate. Sometimes I chase the horses. I really get yelled at for that. If I grab their tail— whoa time out for that! It’s worth it though for the play and fun. Even time out is not so bad. I get to rest up for my next adventure. 

Every trail ride is another fun adventure. I am sure you agree. See ya soon. 

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