Kato's Story Part 8

Food is the Nectar of the gods….

Everyone knows that I love food. Any food. All food. I can eat anytime any day. It is such a great thing to have all those children at the farm. They always bring food, and I am always ready to be their best friend. There are times when they freely give me food. All I have to do is look cute. I am really good at that. 

There are other times when I am required to do tricks or something stupid or funny, but the food is worth it. Sitting up and shaking hands is a small price to pay for my treats. Now the inordinate amount of time they took to try and teach me to rollover, that was something else. I refuse to be that vulnerable. 

I do have a favorite food story. A good friend would come to the farm. We would sit at the picnic table and eat lunch together. He would always make me my own favorite sandwich( they were all my favorite) and we would sit together like best friends…I do miss him. 

That is the one thing that I miss about where I live now. Nobody brings me treats and extra food. Occasionally, I get scraps. I love those days. 

Gotta go for now. 

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