Kato's Story part 9

In life there are good times and bad times…. You can survive them all…. 

It was nap time. I was sitting in my favorite brown chair. It was most comfortable; and I was enjoying my afternoon snooze when a friend walked in the house. Of course I wagged my tail just to be friendly and get some pats. Then, they said to come; and I went ahead and followed. It seemed a little strange, and I wondered. My people were gone, and I was supposed to be napping. I went along out to a car. Food is a good bribe, I got in. We drove away, and that was the start of my last great adventure. 

This was not my favorite adventure. We drove and drove. I wanted to go home, but no one would take me home. They did not take me home for a very long time. I was not happy and went from my jovial self to a mean and nasty dog. I wanted to go home and no one would take me. 

Long car rides, mostly stuck in a small cage. A lot of time stuck in a cage; and then, out with other dogs that I did not like. At first I did not mind the other dogs, but I wanted to go home. I was depressed. There were no kids, no treats, no love; and I got mad and mean. I did not get to run around on trail rides. There were just yards with other dogs.

 My nails got long. My feet hurt, and I did not feel very healthy. I was so sad to think that I would never see my home and my boy again. There was never enough food and never enough love. Time passed very slowly. I think it was a couple of years. I got very nasty and started retaliating. I could kill. I was very good at it and angry enough to do it. It might have saved me. 

I heard it said that during that time my family was frantic. They put up signs and searched all over. They even put up a big sign offering a large reward for my return. I really wanted to be returned. I, also, heard that the news came out and did a story on me asking the people to return me. That did not happen. I was sad in my new home. 

I understood that even after years my boy continued to look for me, posting me on websites for missing dogs and still offering a good reward. He really wanted me back. Finally, I got nasty and mean enough that the people who had me responded to my boy. I understood that it was not easy.

 Apparently, my boy was contacted after the people finally got tired of my shenanigans. I tried really hard to make them want to give me back. Apparently, they said to my boy that they had his dog and when could they get their reward money. My boy wanted them to check my microchip. They said, “No”. Time passed. Where my boy was was a big storm, and he was busy. 

After the storm he got another message, “ I still have your dog. When do I get my money?” 

When it was over, they had to make a trip and decided to investigate. They said they were coming and the people who took me did not want them at the house. I was put in the car and driven to a parking lot. I was not happy. I was taken out and suddenly, I saw my boy! He had found me. 

I broke away and took off to him so excitedly jumping and wagging. I was saved! It was the happiest day of my life. 

We got in another car and drove home. It was a long way. I was taken to a vet who said I was in pretty bad shape. I was thin and malnourished and my nails were curved around on themselves. They could not trim my nails. They hurt, and I got mad. Finally, they took me home and the kids were there and all excited to see me and give me treats. I was bursting with happiness. I ran round and round wagging and talking. 

The newspaper came out again and did another story that I had finally been returned. I got to go on trail rides and be a happy dog again. It was the best time of my life. You never know what you have till you lose it. I can never thank all the people enough who never gave up on me and helped me get home. 

I don’t live in Maryland anymore as I live where my boy lives. No one will ever steal me again 

I live a quiet life now retired from all my adventures. I am enjoying my family full of children. 

I hope you have enjoyed my story.

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Author’s note:

Hey Folks!... This one was a bit of a long one…  I don't really know what happened to Kato during the times he went missing. I only know that he did not have a happy time and that he was returned in very bad condition. I am Happy to report ( as you would have read above) that Kato is happy in his old age enjoying the quiet life… 

We at Kato’s Koffee would like to take this time to thank you all for your support thus far. Just know that while this may be the end of Kato’s adventures; Kato’s Koffee goes on. We look forward to providing you with quality, good tasting coffee for a long time to come!

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